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Health Sciences

Build the scientific foundation you need to excel in professional school or a health-care career. Here you experience research and service opportunities rarely offered to undergraduates anywhere else in the country. For example, the speech and hearing program stands among a handful nationwide that give undergraduate students clinical experience.

In the pharmacy and nursing programs, you train in clinical settings in one of the Northwest's major medical hubs, often alongside alumni who are dedicated to helping you succeed. In the College of Nursing, 100 percent of students earning a BSN degree receive one or more job offers, many before graduation.

Veterinary medicine and animal sciences are a significant part of the health sciences at WSU. The College of Veterinary Medicine has a strong DVM program and one of the best-equipped veterinary hospitals in the world; and the University's researchers in veterinary medicine and animal science are ranked in the top 5 by Academic Analytics for productivity and influence. Several undergraduate majors include specific pre-veterinary preparation.

If your interest is pre-med, pre-dental, or pre-optometry, WSU's pre-health advising program launches you on a path to a professional health care school anywhere in America. While you don't have to major in science to be admitted to a medical, dental, or optometry school, you do need a science foundation to succeed, and our pre-health advising guides you in building it.

Students examine models of human organs
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